Oleksandr Desiatnikov

 Oleksandr Desiatnikov was born at 23-th July 1959 year. He was graduated from Bobrysk Art College in sough Belarus. Next stage in his life is connected with Sevastopol (Crimea), where artist removed in 1978 year. In Sevastopol  artist works in different spheres, including advertisement and gain experience in interior design  of public buildings.

In 1987 year he started individual art job as an associated member of the  Ukrainian union of artist and worked there till 2014 year. Science 2013 Oleksandr Desiatnikov become fellow member of Ukrainian union of artists.

In 2014 year Oleksandr Desiatniko v removed to Kyiv. Oleksandr travels a lot in Ukraine and over the world and gains inspiration from the nature, architecture, art and people. 
Life passed in Sevastopol reflected substantially in his paintings: landscapes, marines, high hills, etc. In later period Oleksandr prefers to draw painting about Ukrainian motives, especially Kyiv, Lviv, Truskabetz.   

Exhibition  activities:

1. “Travel sketches”, personal exhibition, 27.11.2011-16.12.2012, Sevastopol

2. “Ukrainian dead life” 2012. Kyiv, 29 .11– 9. 12 2012.
3. “Noah’s ark”, 2013. Kyiv,

4. Ukrainian Christmas exhibition , Kyiv, 20.12 2012-20.012013.

5. Women portraits in art, Kyiv 1-17.03  2013.
6. Ukrainian Triennale , Kyiv  2013.
7.  Personal exhibition,  Sevastopol 2013.
8.  Ukrainian exhibition because of the Artists Day.  Kyiv11-27.10 2013 р.
9. “Picturesque Ukraine”,  Cherkasy 2014.
10. “ Picturesque Ukraine”,  Chernihiv , 20.05 3.06 2015.
11. Picturesque Ukraine”,   Sumy 20.05-  6.06  2016 р.
12. Picturesque Ukraine”,  Severodonetsk,  18-30.05 2017.